Book Blogging: Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray – Introduction

To those who still read this blog, I apologise for the infrequent posting of late. I have been swamped with much work, and so have little time to think through the issues I want to blog about. I am expecting this trend to persist for the rest of this term, so I’ve decide to switch gears and am planning to blog through a book instead for the next month.

The book I’ve chosen to start off this new category of posts is Abide in Christ, by Andrew Murray. I chose this book because the command of Jesus to abide in Him is one that has held my attention for some time, yet I must profess ignorance in my understanding of how it is to be obeyed. I feel an urgent need to resolve this ignorance, simply because, in Murray’s words (emphasis in italics mine):

It is to be feared that there are many earnest followers of Jesus from whom the meaning of this word, with the blessed experience it promises, is very much hidden. While trusting in their Saviour for pardon and for help, and seeking to some extent to obey Him, they have hardly realized to what closeness of union, to what intimacy of fellowship, to what wondrous oneness of life and interest, He invited them when He said, “Abide in me.” This is not only an unspeakable loss to themselves, but the Church and the world suffer in what they lose.

This book was written as a set of 31 meditations, to be reflected upon day after day for a month, that we might learn through repetition the important lesson of abiding in Christ. The chapters are short, and so I will remain faithful to the author’s intentions and read (and blog) it over the course of a month. If you wish to follow me through the book, you can easily find an online copy in the public domain by googling the title and the author. I will officially start on the 1st of February. A peculiar month to start, I must add, given it only has 28 days.

I end with yet another quote from Murray.

I pray still more earnestly that [our gracious Lord] would, by whatever means, make the multitudes of His dear children who are still living divided lives, to see how He claims them wholly for Himself, and how the wholehearted surrender to abide in Him alone brings the joy unspeakable and full of glory.

This is Murray’s prayer for his readers, and it certainly will be my prayer over the next month.


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