Abide in Christ, Day One

Murray’s point for the day is that Jesus calls us to come to Him AND abide in Him. Too many Christians taste the sweetness of coming to Jesus at first only to experience disappointment at how the blessings of conversion have become a faint and feeble memory, simply because they do not abide in Him. They do not realise that the call of Jesus to come to Him is for the sole purpose that we might then abide in Him. And so many merely come to Him for a few short hours, before leaving to wander a world of sin. It is unsurprising then, that so many fall away easily, and so many become discouraged.

We can surely identify with Murray’s portrayal of many Christians who come for a season and leave full of vigour,  only to become depleted over time because we do not abide in Christ. 

Murray also wishes to point out that the blessings of abiding far exceed the blessings of coming. He argues persuasively, “You did well to come; you do better to abide. Who would, after seeking the King’s palace, be content to stand in the door, when he is invited in to dwell in the King’s presence, and share with Him in all the glory of His royal life? Oh, let us enter in and abide, and enjoy to the full all the rich supply His wondrous love hath prepared for us!” He also writes, “By every motive that had induced you to come, did He beseech you to abide.” He then draws out an extensive list that shows we miss the fullness of the blessings we receive from Jesus when we come to Him because we simply do not continue to stay with Him.

As I reflected on these times of sweetness I spent with my Saviour, my heart suddenly longed for even sweeter times, and the key to this is clearly to learn how to abide in Christ.

Finally one last quote, from Murray (emphasis in italics mine):

And observe especially, it was not that He said, “Come to me and abide with me,” but, “Abide in me.” The intercourse was not only to be unbroken, but most intimate and complete. He opened His arms, to press you to His bosom; He opened His heart, to welcome you there; He opened up all His divine fulness of life and love, and offered to take you up into its fellowship, to make you wholly one with Himself. There was a depth of meaning you cannot yet realize in His words: “Abide IN ME.”

The intercourse was not only to be unbroken, but most intimate and complete. There is most certainly a depth of meaning in His words, “Abide in me”, which we fail to realise. It is incomprehensible that sinners like us can be taken up in the divine fullness of life and love, into unbroken and intimate fellowship with the Triune God, a union so complete that it is as if we are wholly one with God. Sinners, wholly one with a holy God, living in the fullness of divine life and love. This is the love of God, that while we were still sinners, worthy of judgment, Christ died for us, that we might be reconciled to Him. This is clearly something to rejoice in!


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