An update (and a few requests for prayer)

1. I’m sick. Terribly sick. Not a fever or anything. The sore throat phase has also passed. This is the flu stage, where your nose is running all day, and you just feel really tired. Please pray for my health.

2. Work seems to be mounting. It’s not overbearing, but it does require much time and effort. So again, pray that I redeem my time wisely, and use it as productively as possible.

3. I will shift my book blogging to every two or three days. Two reasons. I need time to think and blog through each chapter. And it seems I have a bit much to say.

4. Please pray for a friend, an economist at my college. She’s on the verge of making a choice on who Jesus is to her. She finds Christianity a rational and reasonable faith. And it seems to her that there isnothing to lose; we give up much in following Christ, but we gain infinitely more – any economist could tell you that’s a trivial utility maximisation problem. Ask that God will give her that little push, that she might fall into His loving arms and never regret it, as I never will. It also explains why I haven’t had much time to blog lately, given I’ve been spending quite a lot of it talking with her, getting to know her better and sharing Jesus with her, which I’ve throughly enjoyed.

5. I’m a bit worried about what I’ll be doing in the summer. I have not received any offers so far. Perhaps the recession is biting a lot closer than I realised.  Perhaps I’ve been a bit picky. Perhaps I’ve made a few poor choices here and there. Perhaps I’m just not the type of person the companies to which I have applied are looking to hire. Though I trust that God is sovereign and wise and loving, and will work all things for my good, there remains that nagging worry at the back of my mind, that comes upon me unsuspectingly in my weaker moments. Do pray that I learn to rest more in the love of Christ. Which is probably why I picked the current book to blog through as well.

6. I miss my church back in KL. Please drop me a message on facebook, or preferably, please send me an email.

7. Finally, in all the sickness, busyness and worry of the past week and, likely, the weeks to come, pray that I’ll continue to abide in Christ. I would appreciate any form of encouragement.


3 responses to “An update (and a few requests for prayer)

  1. hey joel, we’ve been as a committee for WinGS –
    a lot to get down , but we’re kinda set on Romans 12:2 : )

    WinGS is ‘Running the opposite way’

  2. I miss you too..

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