An Update

Yet another update.

1. I am sick. AGAIN! Seriously, what is happening? In the space of 3 weeks too! Prayers for health much appreciated.

2. I am still rather busy. Second year economics is tiring…can’t wait for term to draw to a close (though that would mean formulating my Easter Revision schedule). Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy my course. It’s just tiring. Doesn’t seem to reinvigorate you the way reading theology does. Perhaps this is the curse of work we bear as a consequence of the Fall?

3. Speaking of theology, I have just expanded my library with a recent purchase of discounted books. The discounts were just too tempting! And I finally own a copy of Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Sweet! I hope to work through that this summer. I can’t wait to get started on the rest of them as well. However, studies and internship applications beckon first.

4. I will suspend my book blogging until the end of term. I have no time. I have seen the future (limited to two weeks at a time) and there is little hope of a comeback during term time.

5. I have blogging plans for the Easter holiday. I’ll either work through a series of topics related to Easter, or a book. We’ll see. And of course you know what people say: the best laid plans…

6. Thank you for the messages various people have sent me – you know who you are. On another note, only one person has sent me an email. (And the identity of said person is most unexpected. I think I nearly choked on my tea when I saw his name floating in my inbox. I’ll give you that much as a clue…) I wouldn’t mind more emails, if you can spare the time. Of course, I’ll be back in two weeks anyhow…


2 responses to “An Update

  1. hey stop drinking tea

  2. HAHAHAHHA take care la
    i was sick that long and it turned out to be bronchitis

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