Watchman of the soul

The mind is the watchman of the soul. When we are born again, and we find our alleigance lies with Jesus, we are commanded to renew our minds with the truth of God’s Word. There is no other word under heaven that is infallible and inerrant, nor any other word that gives and sustains true spiritual life.  Informed by the life-giving truth of God’s Word, the mind learns to watch out for the enemies of God, that is the world, the flesh and the devil. It guards the soul from being dragged away and enticed by our sinful desires. It exposes these sinful desires as deceitful enemies that wish us no good. It sounds the alarm when it recognises the enemy is nigh. 

But the watchman needs to know who the enemy is. For the enemy is cunning, and disguises itself as a friend. Only the light of the truth of God’s Word can penetrate the dark disguise of our cunning foe. Therefore, the watchman must study. He must learn to recognise the telltale characteristics that give the enemy away. He must be familiar with the lies the enemy uses. More so, he needs to be acquainted with God, that he’ll be able to better distinguish friend from foe. The two stand in stark contrast to the other, and as black is made blacker by the whiteness of white, sin is all the more exposed in the light of holiness.

The watchman must also be ever vigilant. The enemy knows no rest, and is constantly plotting the downfall of the soul. The enemy is a clever strategist, and he watches us constantly, waiting to attack us in our moment of weakness. His malice is unrestrained, and he will not hesitate to unleash his fury on our soul when he sees the opportunity.  Therefore, we need to watch and pray, that we may not fall into temptation. 

And rest assured that should the watchman fail, and he certainly will, the security of our soul is vouched for by the One who bought it with His precious blood. He owns it, and He will not surrender it. Nor can He be forced to surrender it, for He is greater than the enemy – He has defeated the enemy!


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