Why do you read your Bible?

This is an important question we should ask ourselves regularly.

At one level, I read the Bible because God has won my love and I want to know Him better.

Yet at another level, I read the Bible because it’s what I ought to do as a Christian. It’s a duty issue, or merely a habit.

And on some level, I read the Bible because I want to increase my knowledge of God – not that I’ll know God better, but so that I’ll be the smart go-to guy on theological matters. It really becomes a matter of one’s identity and pride.

If that wasn’t enough, I sometimes read the Bible because I want to be more spiritual than other Christians. It becomes a sort of competition, where you try to score more points than everyone else. If you have more points, then you are more respected.

This even supposes that I get round to reading my Bible. 

It really disgusts me when I look at myself this closely. Why do I really read the Bible? I wished I read it for the very first reason only. I don’t want to read it for selfish reasons. I want to read it for God-glorifying reasons. It’s just so hard to keep our motives pure.

If God judged our motives, we would be left an utter wreck. Thank God that it’s not up to me to earn favour with Him. No, I have an advocate, Jesus Christ, who died for my sins once and for all, who bore the judgment of God and became my righteousness, and reconciled me to a holy and loving God. I am justified and adopted into His family, because of what Jesus has done. Not because of what I have done. Nor because of what I will ever do.

If I can keep my eyes fixed on Jesus long enough, especially on the work He finished at the cross, then I believe I can finally read my Bible for God-glorifying reasons.


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