Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

I’ll pause briefly in my series to post this poem. It’s a beautiful and clear portrait of the gospel.

“Mercy triumphs over Judgment”
Glory in this truth revealed!
Love Incarnate stood the torment;
Adam’s punishment repealed!

“Mercy triumphs over Judgment”
Hope for mankind, once secured.
He who knew no sinful nature,
Wrath for sinners full endured.

O the range of mankind’s offense!
Gross his sins, and sentence sure;
Holiness required the verdict-
Death forever; justice pure.

Yet a Perfect Love responded,
Purposing an ancient plan,
Fully meeting wrath’s requirement,
While compassion off’ring man.

There from on the Mercy Seat, the
Son of Righteousness arose;
Cursed ‘came He whose Name is Holy;
On Him fell our rightful blows.

“Mercy triumphs over Judgment”
Mankind’s sentence now appealed;
From the holy God offended,
Righteousness has been revealed!

Glory to the Justifier!
Praise His great and gracious plan;
Bless the holy love of God,
Who gave His Son to ransom Man!

Kevin Hartnett, Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment (1998)



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