Have you heard of the ‘new’ gospel?

This is an excellent post by Kevin DeYoung.

He explains that the increasingly popular new gospel generally has 4 parts to it:

1) It starts with an apology
2) It appeals to God as love (the sentimental sort)
3) It invites people to join God in his global mission to make the world a better place
4) It is ambivalent about eternity

In explaining why it is gaining in popularity, he offers 6 reasons:

1) It is partially true
2) It deals with strawmen
3) It is manageable
4) It is inspirational
5) It is inoffensive
6) Its distortions are not explicitly stated

Please do read the whole thing. This issue has troubled me for years, and I think Kevin has written a brilliant piece explaining why a gospel as distorted as this can gain so much ground in the church, and more importantly, why it shouldn’t.



One response to “Have you heard of the ‘new’ gospel?

  1. Last post – 24 November
    Now – 13 December


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