A book you should read

Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper

Piper does a wonderful job unpacking the importance of the mind in loving God, while keeping it firmly in its place as a servant of the heart in its pursuit of loving God (and man). He approaches the topic by means of bible exposition. This lends it an air of authority that other valid approaches lack in the anti-intellectualistic atmosphere that pervades many churches today.

I was particularly helped by the last few chapters. Here, Piper demonstrates that “pride is no respecter of persons”, and that both the thinker and the “non-thinker” can be proud in their own way. Being a natural thinker, that is, being the sort who finds delight in the work of thinking, the warning that thinking is dangerous and that a profound work of grace is required in my naturally proud heart is timely and necessary. I’ve learnt that I need to saturate my thinking in much more prayer.

Incidentally, for all those living in KL, it appears that a local publisher has worked out a publishing agreement with Crossway, allowing them to locally print the book. With no import costs, the book’s price was only RM22. So there really isn’t any excuse not to buy it. Discover what thinking really involves and why it is necessary. Learn the crucial lesson that “humble knowledge is the fuel of the fire of love for God and man”. And heed the warning that “if we turn away from serious thinking in our pursuit of God, that fire will eventually go out”.


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