Posting Patterns

Just a quick word on my posting patterns for the current season to readers of my blog.

I’ve already written this in my foreword to the blog. However, being a subscriber to RSS feeds myself, I realise that this is not the best way to dispense blog-related information to all readers, which makes this post necessary. So I’ll just copy and paste what I’ve written below, and then let me add a few more things on top of that.

I’ll try to post something every Monday and Friday. For the current season, I will post up some thoughts (approx. 500 words) on a psalm on Mondays, and stand-alone articles (of indeterminate length) on Fridays. If I can think of something bite-size (<300 words) to say, it’ll appear on Wednesdays. Feel free to comment on and question anything you read here. Happy reading! 

I plan to go through the book of Psalms in numerical order. Some Psalms are a little longer (like Psalm 119), and if I deem it necessary to do so I will publish more than one post on the psalm. I chose Mondays for this because I feel that the Psalms are a good way to start the week.

Contrary to what I’ve written above, my Friday posts are not only limited to stand-alone articles, but will also include occasional book reviews and other articles that fall under the category of several specific issues I’m currently thinking through (for example my writings on how Christians should engage the political sphere).

Finally, if my mind, eyes or ears stumble across anything interesting (or funny) during the week that can be expressed in less than 300 words, I’ll post these thoughts and links up on Wednesdays.


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