Disturbingly wonderful stories in the Old Testament

What are the purpose of stories? Why did God choose to reveal himself through historical narratives, and not merely as a set of propositions or pithy sayings?

Stories are built into the very fabric of the universe. They set the imagination alight. They provide us with perspectives and experiences. To read that fire is hot is not the same as reading of listening to the crackle and watching the comforting orange glow of dancing flames radiating a gentle warmth on a cold winter night.

The Bible is full of strange and wonderful stories. To call something a story does not mean it is fictional. A story is merely a recounting of an event, either true or fictitious. The stories of the Bible are true, and give us a perspective of reality that is firmer and surer than any other.  Yet they are strange, and even disturbing at times, especially in the Old Testament. What comes into your mind when you read of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac? Or when he calls Hosea to marry a prostitute?

Have a read of this article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our God is disturbingly wonderful.


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